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‘Health Quest by Joyce’ started on 10 february 2005. Joyce refers to the owners name.

She is a professional who began her career more than 30 years ago as a herbalist.

Today, her strong reputation is based on a unique blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge.

This makes 'Health Quest' definitely to a serious place to buy high quality personal care products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements or just a nice gift for someone.

Our customers can expect knowledge of the matter at hand, a profound advice, and a range of exceptional products on our shelves.

The shop is located on one of those idyllic canals in the historic center of Amsterdam, near Leidseplein and the National Gallery (Rijksmuseum). (See map)

shopfront,xmas 2005

Our aim.

Joyce and customer

To provide our dear customers with a carefully selected range of exclusive and natural products for health, beauty and wellbeing through an attentive and personalized service.

We offer formulations and preparations of the highest quality which have been tested thoroughly in laboratory environments to ensure maximum safety, purity and strength.

All of our preparations are free of preservatives, allergenics and any synthetic additives.

They are not tested on animals.

Our products:

  • Vitamins. Trace minerals. Probiotics.
  • Personal care products and cosmetics for hair, face and body.
  • A-1- Grade essential oils for massage, aromatherapy or oildiffuser.
  • Handmade soap, anything for around and into the bath.
  • Scents, incense, oildiffusers, smudgesticks, charcoal.
  • Small range of organic fruitjuices, teas and coffee.
alqvimiasmall avedasmall solgarsmall

Our brands (part one, wellness)

aveda brilliant


"The art and science of pure flower and plant essences."

Cosmetics and body care products voor nails, hair, face and body. Aveda is not only famous for their broad range of products but also for the absolute quality of all of their formulations.

Health Quest offers you a wide array of AVEDA products on its shelves.



Personal care products, deeply rooted in the old alchemistic tradition of Spain and the ancient cultures of the orient.
This are the true masters of perfumemaking.

Beautiful range of natural and authentic products for bodycare and aromatherapy. Precious essential oils, synergies, ointments, oils for massage and into bath, sauna or jacuzzi.


Indeed. Själ is the CULTCREAM of the JetSet in the States. But, more than that, the products are really fine on your face. Not really cheap, but it makes a difference.

Read more... http://www.sjalskincare.com

Intelligent Nutritients

Another miracolous thing. Intelligent Nutritients. Stem Cells from plants for your face, elaborate products for body, face and hair.

The Founder of this is Horst Merkelbach, he created AVEDA before.

Intelligent Nutritients is absolutely free of any synthetic additive, all the ingrediets are organically grown.

Read more... http://www.intelligentnutrients.com

Uspa: Promising new brand from Australia.

It's young, it's pure, and it's organic. High quality, it's comparable to AVEDA.
Uspa products combine the healing power of plants with age-old botanical wisdom and modern technology. Relatively unknown in Europe yet, although it's widely used in the Worlds most exclusive Spa's.

raysimons-rose and diamonds oil

Ray Simons:

'Roses & Diamonds - Age Erasing Facial Oil with genuine Bulgarian rose oil.

Each bottle contains a 0.06 crt Top Wesselton briljant cut diamond from the Amsterdam diamondcutter Gassan.'

This is the ultimate facial oil.

Feels like silk on the skin, penetrates deeper than any other oil. All ingredients are organically grown.

Ray Simons took out more than three years to develop this heavenly formulation.


Babylon Bubbles produces aromatherapeutic soaps and various other body care articles using traditional recepies.

The Babylonians used essential oils in care products to cleanse, strenghten and balance body and spirit. The all natural soap of 'Babylon Bubbles' is based on this ancient wisdom and combines the therapeutic properties of those essential oils with subtle, inviting fragrances and elegant, sensual and timeless beauty.

Most soaps contain more then 10 % of essential oil. And that's a lot... Your bathroom will never be the same again.

Our brands (part 2 Foodsupplements)


Solgar: De 'Solgar Vitamin & Herb company' (US,1947) is a leading global manufacturer of a broad range of state-of-the-art nutritional supplements, including multivitamins, minerals, probiotics, botanicals and specialty formulas.

Joyce was one of the first promoting their products in the Netherlands, twenty or more years ago. Her experience with and knowledge about nutritional supplements is above any doubt.

Read more about foodsupplements and vitamins.

Vitals: A dutch producer of nutritional supplements with great new innovations, again and again. The best of those we picked for you.

Winclove Bio Industries: ...is a dedicated team of researchers and nutritional scientists who develop and produce probiotic food supplements aimed at specific diseases of the intestinal tract. Winclove manufactures to 'Business to Business', their products are widely used in hospitals and nursery homes

.Ecologic® is a co- brand of Winclove. This is a range of high quality probiotics for specific applications. Ecologic® products are distinguished by proven efficacy performed in co-operation with renowned research institutes and university hospitals. (AMC Amsterdam, St. Radboud Ziekenhuis Nijmegen, Universiteitsziekenhuis Utrecht and Maastricht.)......


"Health Quest by Joyce"... has the privilege to sell the products of Ecologic® in the shop. You won't find it on many other places in a retailstore.

Customers come back on a regular basis. For a new jar... A healthy gutflora makes life so much better.

Udo's oil: Udo Erasmus, Ph.D. Father of "Organic, Unrefined Flax Oil".

Udo Erasmus introduced the importance of essential fatty acids to the world. His book 'Fats that Heal, Fats That Kill', was a real eyeopener to nutritional professionals and to the general public. With his work he teached us to make difference betwee 'good' and 'bad' fats. He pioneered in producing high quality oil blends (The famous Omega's) which contain everything we need from fats and nothing we should avoid. Health Quest sells this oil and Udo's 'greenfoods' as well.

More nice stuff



Shoyeido is a 300-year old traditional Japanese incense company, established in 1705, producing what is widely considered to be the highest quality, finest natural incense in the world. Their unique fragrances are created from the finest natural ingredients that are hand-blended, using expertise that has been refined and perfected over 300 years.

Health Quest offers you this great incense.

The incense is made by craftsmen and masterblenders who see their work not merely as 'production' but as an artistic endeavour.

This is the perfect incense for ceremonies and your very special moments. The fragrances don't knock you out, rather more, they create a background of heavenly peace and serenity.

This incense burns with little or no smoke at all. It doesn't contain bamboo or artificial impurities. This means, no big smoke in your room, and no headache next morning.

Kyoco moon Incense

Original Bach Flower Remedies, Appointed by
Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth and other royalty. Made according to the original formulation of Dr. Eduard Bach.

Golden temple: Superb ayurvedic tea. This are the delicious, organic, herbal Yogi Teas. Ancient herbal formulas. Exotic teas and 'chais', many fine green teas and more than 30 healing formulas.

Oil Diffusers

Oildiffuser from Health Quest by Joyce

Some exeptional pieces, for more see them in our shop.

ceramics of an exeptional quality, doesn'n crack, doesn't leak.

Brass. Looks just beautiful. Brass distributes heat very equally.

Oildiffuser from Health Quest by Joyce
Oildiffuser from Health Quest by Joyce

ceramics of an exeptional quality, doesn'n crack, doesn't leak. There's only one piece left.

That little stove is made of ceramics too. There's only one piece left.

oildiffuser ceramic-egyptian-hut


essential oil from Alqvimia

Let's create... your personal blend.

Aromatherapy is the use of volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds from plants to affect someone's mood or health.

Take a sensory journey through our selected range of pure, organic essential aromas from AVEDA or Alqvimia.

In front of your eyes, your own customized blend, your face, hair, or bodyformula will be created by Joyce.

Health Quest by Joyce....Spiegelgracht 4.....1017 JR Amsterdam.....T:+31(0)20-421 82 06 .....Mailto: