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Note: Careless use of essential oil can harm your health. Consult an aromatherapeutic therapist before using unknown oils, read safety-instructions at the bottom of this page.



Aromatherapy is the use of 'Volatile liquid plantmaterials' to affect someone's mood or health. This 'liquid plant-materials' are known as essential oils, and absolutes. Essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful substances.

"Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul."  Robert Tisserand, Pioneer in aromatherapy

Antique roots

rosa damascena

Aromatherapy is deeply rooted in human history. Scents and fragrances were used in many ways in ancient civilisations. During healing ceremonies patients were smoked with aromatic herbs to rid them of evil spirits. (American Indians) Aromatic substances are commonly used in many religious ceremonies. (catholic church, hinduism, buddhism)

Ancient Egyptians used aromatic plants for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Traces of myrrhe, lotus and frankincense and many other were found in their tombs.

rosa damascena-petals

Aromatherapy was introduced to modern western culture in the beginning of the last century. In France, where it originated first, aromatherapy is incorporated into mainstream medicine.. Some essential oils are prescription drugs. In the Anglo-Saxon world aromatherapy is still seen more as an art than a valid healing science. Although, meanwhile it is strongly rooted among natural healers and therapists.

1. Rosa damascena (bulgarian rose)
2. Rose petals

Where do this oils come from?

rose distillation

Essential oils are extracted by cold pressing, steam destillation, maceration, or using a solvent like alcohol or CO2. (pressurized, liquid carbon dioxide)

The oils extracted by a solvent are called absolutes, they are generally thicker than the oils extracted by distillation.

The CO2-method is regarded as most safe because no traces of solvents (hexane) remain in the essential oil and no heat is applied to the plant matter (Heat could harm the precious aromatic components of the oil.)

The scents of CO2 oils is closer to the original herb than with other oils.

Some essential oils are extremely expensive. A pure, high grade (organic) bulgarian rose-oil exceeds the price of gold

Essentiële olie van ALQVIMIA

1. Distillation Bulgarian rose
2. Essential rose oil in bottle

Aromatherapy today

aromatherapeutic massage

An usual method of applying an essential oil is in an (aromatherapeutic) massage. Therefore the oil has to be diluted into a carrier oil. Some other common uses are into bath, jacuzzi, the sauna, for inhalations or in oil vaporizers and diffusers.

Aromatherapy is an all encompassing treatment which incorporates the senses of touch and smell.

The pleasurable scents of essential oils activate the limbic system and emotional centers of the brain. It is comforting to the mind, and balancing the emotions.

When applied to the skin, during a soothing massage or in a hot, muscle relaxing bath, it activates thermal receptors in the skin and it stimulates the bloodstream.

Many essential oils have antimicrobial properties. They are able to kill germs or funghi on the skin.

But aromatherapy won't heal serious things like, let's say, cancer, allergies or food poisoning. Go to a docter.

But if a aromatherapeutic treatment is improving a cancerpatient's mood and helping him to relief stress, this will improve the patients quality of life....

aromatherapeutic facial massage
bodysculptor from alqvimia

  • Careless use of certain essential oils can damage your skin. Don't use essential oils undiluted.
  • Some oils mimic the working of hormons in our body. (Lavender) Never use them on kids. Ask a aromatherapist when using new or unknown oils.

1. Therapeutical massage
2. Facial massage
3. Oil, ready to be used..

Blending oils

Preparation of a claymask

Some essential oils are used pure and undiluted. But essential oils with a specific affinity can be blended together. The characteristics and properties of the distinct oils reinforce each other in the blended oil.

In aromatherapy this is known as the principle of synergy.

Preparation of a claymask.

Natural waters from Alqvimia

Creating a personal essential oil blend is one of the finest aspects of aromatherapy. But it is not only knowledge of the matter at hand what makes a wonderful blend but also a strong feeling for intuition and creativity.

A blend can be created just for the wonderful aromatic scents; Oils are vaporized in a oil-diffuser. Certain essential oils diluted into a into a carrier oil will result in probably the most sensuous massage-oil of the world.

Very specific oilblends are widely used for specific therapeutic applications like an aching back, muscle sore, dry skin, stressed skin after a sunburn, stiff legs or cold feet.

Essential oils give relaxation in case of flu, sinusitis or a cold with a runny nose.

Thorough knowledge of the properties or possible side-effects of the oils involved in a therapeutic blend is an absolute necessity. Thorough knowledge of the medical backgroud of the patient (allergies) is at least as important.

If you play around with oils for yourself, read a lot about their properties, in case you're not sure about the use of a certain oil, go and ask a herbalist or aromatherapeutic practitioner.

Floral water, agua de rosas from Alqvimia

1. Natural waters (eau de toilette)

2. Agua de Rosas. (Floral water, hydrosols)


This are the condensate waters (floral water) produced together with the essential oil during distillation of the plant material.

Some plants (like rosemary, lavender or rose) give an intense and enchanting aroma to those floral waters during distillation. Floral waters are a main ingredient of eau de toilette.

They do it great in a spraybottle and are widely used as a refreshing facial toner or applied to the skin like any eau de toilette.

Note: Tapwater with some drips of essential oils are not floral waters.

Carrier oils

rosehip ©springcreekforest.org

Facial and body oils. They can be applied alone or blended with essential oil.

Carefully cold pressed oil contains all the vitamins and other characteristics of the fruit or seed from which they have been extracted.

For (aromatherapeutical) massage, they provide the lubrication needed for the therapist's hands to move gently over the skin.

Carrier oils contain fatty acids, vitamins and other nutritients which nourish and regenerate the skin.

Depending of the plant they are taken from, they have different properties and beneficial qualities. E.g. almond oil combined with hazelnut oil helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

The carrier oils we use at Health Quest to create therapeutic blends are, like all all other oils, from organic cultivation. Oils from non- organic plants too often contain traces of herbizides or fungizides.

basisolien van alqvimia

1. Rosehip-oil

2. Jojoba oil, Wheat Germ oil.

Good oil and bad oil

'Essential oil' is not a protected trade mark. If all the 'essential oil' available on the market were real essential oil, there would be no plant left on Earth. Rose-oil or Jasmin oil for a few Euro's...be sure, there's no rose and no jasmin in it. Most of the cheap stuff around is cut or diluted with a cheaper plant-oil and / or synthetic aromatic additives and fragrances.
Here in the Netherlands the the official name of this synthetic aromas is 'natuur identieke aroma's'. (Indentical to nature) This is misleading. Those aroma's are synthetic aroma's.

  • Essential oil' means... only the pure oil from the specified plant, and nothing else.....
  • Preferably from organically grown plantmaterial.
  • Free from impurities like pestcides, detergents, other oils, solvents, synthetic additives and definitely not synthetic aromas.
  • High grade oil should be stored in dark glass bottles.

  • The essential oil we sell at Health Quest is from ALQVIMIA, a handselected manufacturer in northern Spain. They work with certified organic or wild crafted plant material, they employ manufacturing methods which protect the delicate flavours and leave no traces of solvents or other unwantet chemicals in the oil. ALQVIMIA guarantees the authenticy and pureness of its products.

    Aromatherapy at Health Quest by Joyce

    Aromatherapeutic consultations are given by Joyce. Thorough knowledge of aromatherapeutical, herbal, and medical matters and an undisturbed intuition qualify her to create personalized oilblends for any given therapeutical application.


    Mamma Nature created a lot of highly unsafe things out there in nature. One of those things are harmful plants, and so are the derivates of those plants... And, it is absurd to think that something could be safe simply because it is for 100 % organic...

    • Buy your oil somewhere where you can get additional information about use, properties and possible side-effects.
    • Essential oils are highly concentrated and powerful substances. Proper use of essential oils can be a source of joy, pleasure and wellbeing and it can strengthen your health.
    • Careless use of essential oil can harm your health and damage your skin.
    • Essential oil can be harmful if ingested and it is for sure harmful in your eyes. And very painful.
    • Some oils change the way your skin reacts on sunlight. (Brownish speckles instead of an even suntan) Doesn't look funny. Again, ask your aromatherapist.
    • Essential oils must not be applied undiluted onto the skin. They should be used in small doses (measured in drops) diluted in a carrier base oil. Start with low concentrations, check out how your skin reacts on it.
    • Pay special attention if you use essential oils with kids. Their skin is so much more sensitive. Start with very low concentrations, consult an aromatherapist before using new, unknown oils.
    • Some synthetic aromatic additives in 'cheap' oils can have unforeseen effects like a rashes on the skin or allergic reactions.
    • Some of this additives and some essential oils as well act as a hormonal substance in your body. Be careful, especially with kids.
    • Essential oils actually can't get rancid soon. Certain oils slowly will loose their aroma bit by bit, while some others, especially the 'woody' scents, even get more matured and 'round' by ageing. But when diluted in a carrier oil, oxygen, warmth and sunlight will ruin those blends after a while. Keep them cool, dark and tightly closed.

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