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Precious gifts

Precious gifts

ALQVIMIA Bulgarian rose-oil

There's so much on our shelves what makes a fine present to a loved one. Just surf over our pages or come to our shop, you'll succeed.
Maybe we can help you to make a choice, we wrap it nicely for you. Not only on christmas, but the whole year around.

All of our products are free of preservatives, allergenics and any synthetic additives. They are not tested on animals.

>Some photographs are clickable<

ALQVIMIA's Masterpiece. Just released.

ALQVIMIA. Body Nectar Woman


Carrier-oil: Sweet Almond, Sesame, St. John's, Wild Rose.

Essential Oils: Rosa Damascena, (Bulgarian rose) Jasmine, Geranium, Palmarosa, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang.

A stunning creation of the alchemistic wizards from ALQVIMIA.

Freesia-roos, zeep met essentiële olie

The heart.

  • Organic soap from 'Babylon Bubbles,

  • Contains10 % of organic essential oil. Approx. 400 grams.

  • Scents: Bulgarian rose, lavendula, Jasmin, sandalwood, rosewood, Ylang-Ylang.

Freesia-roos, zeep met essentiële olie

Buddhas, organic soap

Two hearts,

Two Buddha's

  • Made from soap, like above. Also in the shape of a marvellous buddha.

Freesia-roos, zeep met essentiële olie

AVEDA Brilliant emollient finishing gloss


and Pomade

  • Adds fire to your hair

Aloe-hydrating gel


  • Adds beauty to your skin.

Uspa: uskincare

Model2- be curly- from AVEDA



  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Curl Enhancer

  • Curl Control

Be Curly haarverzorgingslijn van AVEDA

NEW! New! New!


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Grooming clay
  • Groomng cream
  • Pomade
  • Liquid Pomade
  • Composition

Alqvimia: Cleopatra


...makes you happy.

  • Cleopatra. The body oil for the sensual woman.

  • Absolute Beauty. Anti-ageing beauty extract.

Alqvimia: Absolute beauty

Les Encens du Monde, Shoyeido

Incense packaging at Les incense du monde

Japanee incensemaking is based on century old traditions and knowledge, japanese incense belongs to the most refined in the world.

We also have a nice collection of (japanese) incenseburners, resins, charcoal, oildiffusers and more.

Japanese incense burns almost smokeless, it is characterized by subtle and very pure fragrances. No bamboo in it, no residues of herbicides , no synthetic additives at all. No headache next morning...

Horikawa: Finest incense


  • Japanese incense. The most refined we ever had in our shop.
  • Shoyeido deliver to the japanese court.

and more beauty from ALQVIMIA

ALQVIMIA-cleopatra,hele lijn


- Body Elixir
- Refirming Bath and shower gel

- Beauty water

- Body oil

- Aromatherapeutic blend (essential oil, synergy)

ALQVIMIA- Beauty extracts and elixir creams

Absolute Beauty

- Beauty extracts

- Beauty elixir creams

- Ylang-Ylang body lotion

Developed for any individual skin condition.

ALQVIMIA essental-olie-roos

Essential oil

To create your own perfume, cosmetics, or an oil or balm for therapeutical use. (aching muscles, headache, cold, stiffness, bad circulation, sore throat...)

  • Create your very personal massageoil....
  • Or add some drips into your oildiffuser.
  • For recipes and know how, ask in our shop.
If you want to give something very precious as a present, think about a genuine bulgarian rose oil or jasmin oil.
More about aromatherapy?

ALQVIMIA offers an astonishing range of beautiful fragranced lotions, creams, balms, body-oils, massage-oils and bathfoams. A speciality of ALQVIMIA are the high-grade essential oils. All of the ingredients for their formulations are wildcrafted in the Pyrenees (herbs) or come from certified organic culture.

A few more nice things from Uspa


Uspa travelbag

- nourish milk cleanser

- damask rose hydrosol

- aloe hydrant gel

- moisture control lotion

- revital eyes eyelift gel

Radiant skin and hair can only come from healthy skin and hair. (Uspa)


Daily rituals

- renewal exfoliating tonic

- nourish milk cleanser

- damask rose hydrosol

- moisture control lotion

Daily Rituals come in many forms, specifically designed for individual skin conditions.

More Organic soap (with essential oil)

This is one of the most popular items given for any celebration. Lingerig fragrances of pure natural scents, and it lasts forever.

babylon bubbles-blokzeep

Aromatherapeutic soaps fragranced with more then 10 % of essential oil. And that's a lot...

Your bathroom will never be the same again.

babylon bubbles-rozenzeep

- bulgarian rose

- lavender

- jasmin

- rosewood

- vetiver

- bergamot

- gardenia

- cederwood

- rosmarinus

- ylang-ylang


Some exeptional pieces, there are more in our shop.

ceramics of an exeptional quality, doesn'n crack, doesn't leak.

Brass. Looks just beautiful. Brass distributes heat very equally.

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